The Organic Summit 2012: Organic Summit 2012

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Chef Josean Rosados

Josean Rosado was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico with a strong familial connection and a childhood of valuable experiences with the foundation of food being at the centerpiece of events; Chef Rosado was excited to start a career in food and beverage. He has been steadfast in his love and thirst of knowledge of worldwide cuisine, hence his path to be innovative and true to his own style and palate.

Currently, Chef Rosado has been the Executive Chef for the Harbor Court Hotel for 3 years. Previous to his joining the Sonesta Collection, he started his career with passion for culinary arts at Johnson and Wales University. Upon graduation from JWU, he dedicated his time to cultivate his style and view point with InterContinental Hotels from 2001 through 2012. At the InterContinental San Juan, his talents and skill set blossomed, promoting him to the then newly opened InterContinental Boston to open Miel Restaurant. Based on his earned level of culinary talent and leadership, Chef Rosado relocated to Baltimore to become the Executive Chef at the InterContinental Harbor Court.

This past spring, as the Harbor Court converted with honor to a Royal Sonesta hotel – he was recruited to stay in place by the Corporate Sonesta Collection. Royal Sonesta is known for its level of passion for food – its philosophy being "Food is Art". This culture captured his creativity and has given him the drive to implement his farm to table concept at the hotel.

Chef Rosado has enhanced his knowledge and skill set with becoming a certified in-house organic bee keeper, as well as implementing a productive herb and vegetable garden on the roof top terrace of the hotel which is utilized daily and on special occasions or VIP events.

Chef Rosado welcomes the opportunity to represent the Royal Sonesta Harbor Court and to showcase his talents at the NPEE Organic Summit. He is excited to have its attendees experience his culinary creations.